Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stingy Bitch - or Office Savior?

I recently had the good fortune to acquire a rather large amount of cereal cups - you know, the individually sealed, single sized portions of Cheerios, Chex, and the like that are good for lunch boxes, travel, and so on. Actually, good fortune had nothing to do with it. I saw them being given out as samples and I simply asked if I could take a case - in charming, gracious, SB fashion. Irregardless, it was free, healthy, and tasty.

Being the proud SB that I am, I knew that while I myself did not really like cereal too much, I quickly realized it's potential. I easily found a great recipe online for homemade Nuts and Bolts (or Bits and Bites, as some of you might know them) at Mennonite Girls Can Cook, which is a fantastic site:
I very quickly turned my free cereal into a great, big, tasty bowl of treats. It was extremely inexpensive, quite easy to make, and overall looks rather impressive.

But an SB takes it one step further - I brought these yummy treats into work. My co-workers went crazy for them!!. I received endless praise for my cooking talents, and everyone remarked that it was just what they needed to get through the difficult day. No cost and full credit - that's the SB way.

And I've set off a chain of events that benefits me even further. Now some co-workers are also starting to bring in treats to share. Not being SBs, they're happily contributing baked goods and savory fare to the office with little regard for cost (like the delicious organic, high end tortilla chips, store made salsa dip, and guacamole). Haven't felt a twing of guilt yet.

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