Sunday, October 4, 2009

SB wins 1st prize at local pot luck!

As you all know from previous postings, I have a love of the humble pot luck dinner - I love contributing, eating, participating in them, and they are a great exercise for an SB in training. When my local running store announced a pot luck party following a charity run, with the winner to receive a $25 gift card, I knew the prize must be mine.

I picked an easy dish that I knew I could make from memory (corn chowder), and jazzed it up to make it even more luxurious. The additional of real cream to the broth (stolen from my husband's coffee), and fresh corn nibblets grated directly off the cob made it fantastic. I mashed half the potatoes to make the texture even more creamy, and threw in a dash of nutmeg (THE ingredient to make any dish fantastic!). I have to say, it was my best batch of chowder ever. The ingredients cost a bit more than my usual batch of chowder (the cream, fresh corn, extra butter), but it was a worthy investment for a pot luck and didn't cost my anymore than if I had created a lasagna, etc... To top it all off, my husband made a cute sign on the computer for me, advertising it as a "creamy, Cape Breton style corn chowder", with the words spelled out with corn cob pictures. I poured it in the crock pot and brought along a bowl of fresh popcorn to serve as an alternative topping to croƻtons.

The reviews were rave! Mine was the only hot dish there in a sea of pleasant, but pizazz-lacking deserts. I was thrilled to win the $25 dollar prize and it was all well worth my efforts and cost, as I also filed up on donated bagels, nachos, juice, etc... Being the savvy SB I am, I volunteered to help clean up, and netted a case of juice, 2 doz/leftover bagels and (oddly enough), a case of laundry detergent samples that were a gift from a promoter.

SBs - you gotta work it. Being an SB has many, many rewards

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