Sunday, October 4, 2009

Taking it all too far??

There are not many occasions that give me pause for thought as a SB. However, being a bit of a SB when it comes to charitable events is a bit of a difficult situation. It's funny how so many folks are proud SBs when it comes to so many different aspects of their life, but when it comes to a charitable event, people forget to be even frugal or sensible, let alone an SB. They're worried they are taking it all to far. But take it from me, charitable events are MADE for an SB!

One of my favorite charities is the Tim Horton's Children's Camp program. My husband actually attended a camp as a child and, 20 years later when he returned for a visit, the staff director actually remember him! It was a fantastic experience for him, as it is for countless children in need of a great camping experience. As such, he used to drop in all his Tim Horton's change whenever he popped in for a coffee or a treat (which is quite often.) He would probably put in a few dollars there a week. Now, they are an incredibly deserving charity, but, as a clever SB, I thought of a better way.

I mandated that we start saving all our change in a big jar. Once a year, we can roll up all those pennies and dimes and submit a once-a-year cash donation to Tim Horton's, requesting a charitable receipt for income tax purposes. Even better, the key time of year to do this is in June. That is when "Camp Day" is usually held. At my local running store, they organize a free fun run/walk that ends at a local Tim Horton's to celebrate Camp Day. I happily submitted my (rather generous) donation, claimed the free T-shirts (good for around the house), completed the 3km run, and happily hung around the finish line, where Tim's graciously provided water, coffee, yogurt parfaits, and Tim Bits. I lagged around for quite some time, until the last of the runners came in, for the prize draw. A lot of people had gone home at this time, and virtually everyone who remained was awarded a prize. We got a $10 gift card. I also ate and drank so much, I didn't need supper, and took a yogurt home for work the next day.

A stingy person would have participated in the event without donating to charity. A bitch would have taken the lion's share of treats and taken off right away. But an SB cleverly plans, maximizes her donation power, happily remains behind to cheer on all runners, and is delighted to accept yet another serving of treats and is overjoyed to win a prize. It pays to be an SB.

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